Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yesterday, I fell off a stool...

... and ended up with a set of bruises that resembled Tennessee at first, then the island nations of Corsica and Sardinia, and now Corsica and Sardinia, with the newly sprouted addition of the island of Crete down here on my foot. 

Yes, my head is in the clouds. Or, more accurately, across the ocean. I have been changing my screen saver weekly to prepare my mind and my heart for the fact that I am actually leaving. 

Victoria Station

For the past month I have had a dreadful thought that I will wake up one morning and be told, 
"Ha!Ha! You aren't really going!"

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock
  But as the clock runs down - to two weeks, as a matter of fact, - reality is sinking in.

 And reality is wonderful... as long as I stay off of stools.

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