Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Literature and Seven Days...

I gave up Pinterest last night. If I still miss it this winter, I will sign up again on my birthday.

I have been struck this week about how much of my life is spent trapped in the past, or star-gazing into the future. And in this moment, I want to be here... in the present. I had lofty dreams of what this age would bring, and I still find myself falling short of my dreams. (Nothing like getting acne in your late twenties to make you feel as though you may never grown up!)

So, what does living in the present look like? Well, today, it involved a delightful literature discussion at work. I have at last come to terms with my disgust of Mr. Rochester. Even a cad is entitled to a dream of happiness and true love... I suppose. 

Living in the present is also living in my current state of absolute "bird-brain". If the planning and reading of last few weeks have been preparing my mind and heart for my journey, they have been a smashing success. My mind is gone. 

It is in England.

Seven days from today, my body will catch up to it.

 So, Heathrow, get ready! I will see you in a week!

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