Monday, February 9, 2009

Designers Guild

Life has been so busy that blogging has fallen off the radar. =) But I am turning over a new leaf in my old age, so "hope springs eternal...", "old dogs can learn new tricks...", etc.

The following pictures are from one of Britain's design legends - Tricia Guild. She breaks all the rules about color and it works...beautifully.Her collections are restful, contemporary, or just plain fun. Plus, she designs wallpaper. I love wallpaper.

This is from her new collection - Greenwich Village.

(Did I mention that I love wallpaper?)

Designers Guild has beautiful juvenile prints, as well. My nesting instinct has been kicked into overdrive, so last week found me calculating if I could afford to by this now for a future nursery.
(So sad, but all too true....)


deana marie said...

BUY IT! tooooo cute! :)

Anonymous said...

wow. i love the greenwich village one.

sometimes i wonder why i didn't go to interior design school.