Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here I sip in Starbuck's...

This will be another thoughtful post, so be warned! ;-D

I am sitting in Starbuck's taking advantage of the two free hours of wi-fi. (Plus, any excuse to drink a latte is most welcome...)

I am getting excited about this year. If anyone is interested in confessions, I am a "nine girl". I was born on the nine day of the month, so the number nine is very near and dear to my heart. This was been such an unexpected year for me - changes in family and friends, new attitudes learned, and new environments shaped. I retired from helping with weddings this year, I redid my bedroom, and I became responsible for my own dental insurance. I planned to de-junk my life.. .and am about 20% there.

Recently, I have been reading about how the Lord never fails. Even when we fall away, He vows to remain faithful. This is such a pertinent reminder to me during the new year. Because I am the queen of making and breaking resolutions, it helps to serve a God who is not as I am.

So, what to do? I suppose we live with the promise that God is faithful. If I live with that promise, I think faithfulness will come in the small things. I am not talking about miracles here - my aqua closet is still a force of nature, wild and un-tame-able. But maybe I learn to hang up my clothes this year, or maybe when given a chance to trust this year, I will take it first and question other options later.

So, here's to a "nine year" for a "nine girl"!


deana marie said...

How's your "nine year" motivation to hang up your clothes coming? I just read you blog post of January 3 and had to ask! ;) It was thoughtfully put down...on the more sober side...and I hope you are continuing to be encouraged by the truth that the Lord cannot deny Himself. Therefore, He is ever ready to help us in our weakness. Can't you see Him up there, at times, sitting on the edge of His throne, hoping we will employ His assistance--but being the gentlement He is, quietly waiting for our plea? Even when it comes down to closets...He really wants to be a part of it all! He knows our tendency to fail (that in itself does nothing to faze our Lord) but when we forgot the command to "call upon Me, all who are weary" or deliberately choose to ignore it, I believe we grieve the heart of such a God, don't you?
Love you Beth and love your sweet blog! ;)

Megan Spilker said...

Love the new header, Beth!! :)