Friday, November 28, 2008

Craving Whimsy

Miss B has been craving a touch of whimsy. Fortunately "whimsy" comes in many shapes and sizes...

Topiaries add a British flavor - think Alice in Wonderland - and are quite chic indoors. Miss B loves them in mass groupings outdoors, as well.

Van Gogh's cherry blossom design was originally created in honor of his baby nephew. This is the current favorite choice to adorn Miss B's bedroom wall.

Matryoska Dolls are a current obsession, whether adorning Miss B's entry table or topping her "covet list" from Anthropolgie (These little dolls are actually functioning measuring cups. Drool...drool...drool...)

Chinese lion bookends...the guardians of the royal emperors and your favorite tomes! Plus red is a most auspicious color...and Miss B is thrilled to find something she likes at CB2!


Lacey said...

You've been nominated for an award! Check out my blog!

deana marie said...

hello miss b! i am browsing your blog for the first time and really love your "everything!" and i can totally see your topiary's on my front patio! wow! is that cherry blossom picture on your wall...or is that just where you want it! i love it...and you! and whimsy!