Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes she reads fluff...

Sometimes I aspire to read a classic tome, one that will cause me to think deep, seeking thoughts and hope that those thoughts will challenge others to do the same. During these particular times (as in the last month or so...), I have been reading fluff. It's fun, entertaining, and I am relearning ancient Egyptian mythology. I like my fluff.

A steady diet of fluff is not the best recipe for a glorious summer. It tends to cause indigestion - and very late nights as one flies through chapter after chapter to be certain that our hero and heroine make it out of their latest scrape alive! (Plus, I keep having to reference Wikipedia to keep all of the mythology characters in some sort of order!)

So, imagine my delight when I saw this on Amazon.

I will be home from house-sitting in 72 hours. And will order it immediately. This is the third volume of a fellow reader's attempt to create timeless stories about four sisters, two rabbits, one hound, two red-haired neighbors, a widowed father who is a botany professor, and... a very interesting boy.

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