Saturday, February 5, 2011

Put a bird on it....

My interest in birds began to rear its head again when we installed this Scalamandre wallpaper on my bedroom walls. I liked the pattern - soft and tranquil. I liked the hint of blue - it reminds me of Onset Bay. But the birds were a surprise, apparently part of a growing trend that has become an Etsy-era obsession.
(Please view video link prior to completing your perusal of this post.)

But then I realized my "like" of birds predates this cultural obsession. When it comes to selecting my re-usable shopping bags, I picked one that featured my childhood friend. (Plus it was pink, ensuring that no one in my family would be interested in borrowing it. )

Then, I considered the growing collection of fabric I have been saving for my "someday" house. As, previously posted about, this is the fabric that strikes grave concern into the hearts of friends and family. As, I do not have enough fabric for a shower curtain, I will have to settle for fabulous pillows.

Then, I realized that my recent purchase of this large Charley Harper poster has pretty much cemented the deal.

Perhaps I have a problem...

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Cour2ney said...

You aren't the only one! Hehe, look at this post from Mary Carol's blog: