Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beware of Biscuits!

"Belying the prim and genteel mystique, about one half of Britons have been injured by cookies eaten during tea breaks.

A survey titled "The Biscuit Injury Threat Evaluation" found Britons' haphazard eating of tea time cookies, called biscuits, has led to chipped teeth on particularly hard bites, scalded fingers from mis-dunking treats into tea, as well as an assortment of other bizarre cookie-related incidents.

Nearly one-quarter of respondents reported having accidentally choked on cookie crumbs, at least once, while 7 percent surveyed said they had been bitten by animal trying to abscond from the treat in their hand.

Three percent of Britons said they had accidentally poked themselves in the eye with their snack..."

The moral of the story, dear reader? Have a Merry Christmas, but beware of the biscuits!

(Article quoted is from World Magazine)

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Courtney said...

What a timely warning, Beth! Thank you for posting that. :)
Merry Christmas, dear!