Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Reading

The journal of a twenty-something Sorbonne graduate who became an advocate and rescuer of Jewish children during World War II. Helene was a true kindred spirit, whose recently published journal is so popular at the library that I had to return my copy before I finished it. So sad...
but stay tuned for further updates!
The incomparable P.G. Wodehouse! This story was a discovery at the Kansas City Public Library downtown. (Five shelves of Wodehouse stories. I was in heaven!) As you can see below, my collection of vintage orange Penguin editions is growing, albeit slowly.)
Please note the terrific old Jane Austen hardcovers on the right. Every Austenite needs a second set. ;) The faded and torn Pride and Prejudice was my first introduction to the work of Austen.
I can't part with it now. =)
A classic book about a classic film. Need I say more?
There is always time for old friends, too. A marvelous collection of autobiographical essays. I confess that I own four copies, at least! So, if you would to borrow a copy, I have plenty to go around.

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