Thursday, December 25, 2008

Resolutions for a new year...

Miss B has made two resolutions for the upcoming year. (Well, technically she has three, but one is leftover from two years ago, so it is barely worth mentioning.)

Resolution #1: Have more fun. (More on that at a later date...)

Resolution #2: Get more organized! This will of course require some shopping. There is a strange and delicate balance in the universe, as one eliminated clutter from one's life, one must necessarily purchase beautiful new things to aid and reward oneself in this valued quest.

Miss B's Shopping List - Part A

Latte Bowls from Anthropologie. Miss B must share a small confession. Her current jewel case has insufficient storage for the multitude of jangling bangles that dress up the casual work ensemble. The solution - an attractive storage container, perfectly suited for jewelry! A wise friend shared this fantastic tip, and Miss B is anxious to try it. The only dilemma - which color to choose? Does one match the latte bowl to the bangle? or is one guided by with a designer's eye in the selection of this charming piece of china?

Huggable Hangers. The addition of this item to the list will require another small confession. Due to the lack of cable television channels, Miss B has - on rare occasions, mind you - resorted to watching HSN. It is truly fascinating to watch the hosts channel endless enthusiasm and a steady stream of chatter for the enticement of the viewer. This particular item has intrigued Miss B, especially when she discovered they can be purchased at her friendly, neighborhood Target. Plus the temptation to have matching hangers in the beautiful aqua closet may prove to be irresistible.

Beautiful File Folders. These fun little items prove that form and function sometimes walk hand-in-hand. They may prove almost as valuable as decorative paper clips in restoring order to the little yellow desk.

The little yellow desk would also like a small vase of fresh flowers to provide daily inducement to remain organized, but it waiting to see if it will be approved in the 2009 budget.

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